Last Updated on 19th October 2013

Received the comment below re this post. This is a question that I honestly hadn’t thought about and think its v.interesting. Finally managed to sit down and write my thoughts.

This look is adorable. Patricia Field and the other young lady with the black hair and all the tats have some real panache. Sarah has style, but she is hardly a fashion icon for me. No love lost. My question is this: Is it fair to say that someone has great style and is an icon if they are pulled together by other people? A lot of these women are made and told what to do and what to wear. So is it really fair to give them kudos for things that they are not responsible for? Just a thought.
I_boogie | Email | Homepage | 11.28.03 – 11:39 pm | #

Personally I would give most credit to the stylist and definitely some to the celeb. You could have three celebrities wearing the same outfit and one would stand out from the rest. In SJP’s case there is something about her. Perhaps her confidence or maybe her personality but I do think she can be classed as a fashion icon. Having said that I can understand why people would disagree.

In terms of whether or not its fair for the celeb to get more merit than the stylist, then no I don’t think it is but its the nature of the business. The star is in the limelight and chose to be. Whereas the stylist decided to be in the background, organising and picking the right clothes. Hopefully this may change and stylists will start to get more recognition. I really can’t lie I enjoy admiring the fashion icons, respecting the stylists and more often than not I tend to appreciate the icons more. However I will start looking behind the scenes a lot more and investigating into who actually put the outfit together.

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