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Lindsay Lohan Weight LossHow true this is, I can’t be sure, but it’s reported that Supermodel Kate Moss, best friend Sadie Frost and actress Lindsay Lohan enjoyed a weight loss weekend away together at an exclusive spa. If correct then I have to ask “What weight????”

What’s happening to certain women in celebrity land is absolutely ridiculous. Nicole Richie is so skinny she looks as if she’s just about to break in two, Mary-Kate Olsen just looks ill and Lindsay Lohan has already collapsed. Whether due to her weight we don’t know, but either way it can’t be a good sign.
Yes, there has always been pressure on Hollywood women to look thin, and we always seem to go through periods where anorexia is constantly talked about and suddenly all coverage of the illness dies down.

But now it’s been all over the media for quite a while and most of all it’s very scary. Not only for the young girls who look up to these stars but for the stars themselves.

Richie and Lohan are bearing the brunt of it, with Lohan receiving a petition signed by 12,500 of her fans asking her to fatten up and Richie having to constantly defend herself, deeming her sudden loss of weight to her regular workouts with her trainer.

There is no doubt that these girls are working out but there is also no denying that they don’t look well. According to the Daily Mail, the hourglass figure is back in fashion. Let’s hope so!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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