Last Updated on 19th October 2013

Italian papers are going crazy over the story that Naomi Campbell possibly beat up Italian actress Yvonne Scio in the suite of a 5 star hotel in Rome. The incident was said to have occurred on Saturday evening. Both Campbell and Scio have been friends for 10 years and had been out shopping in Via Condotti. They returned to their hotel to change for a dinner with friends, and the argument began when Naomi saw Yvonne in a Fendi dress. According to the Guardian Scio told the police,

“”Naomi started insulting me, saying all kinds of things. To calm her, I went back and changed into jeans and a top.”

“As soon as I went back into her suite, without saying a single word, Naomi hurled herself at me, with kicks and punches on my head and face.”

Scio had to be admitted to casualty, and after treatment went to the nearest police station to file a complaint against the supermodel. Naomi does not deny the dispute but is adamant there was no violence. Her European spokesman Jonathan Morrish has said in an issued statement,

“Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been mistakenly dragged into a potential drama in Rome after an ‘actress’ and long-term acquaintance Yvonne Scio made claims about a dispute between the two.

“Naomi made it clear that there had been a disagreement between the two in which she told Miss Scio that she was ‘very disappointed at her behaviour and that she should go now’. The details of the conversation haven’t been revealed, but Miss Campbell is adamant that she had words with the actress but nothing more than that.”

Italian police have confirmed that a magistrate will be assessing the case before it’s decided whether it will be taken any further.


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