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Kate Moss’ recent apology has worked in her favour, Rimmel London have decided to stick with Kate and Christian Dior, H Stern and Fred Paris seem to be doing the same.

However she has lost 3 high profile contracts with Burberry, H&M and Chanel and further reports claim Burberry may be replacing Kate with Sienna Miller. A bit sad really considering Sienna is a complete copycat of the supermodel, but like a fake Gucci bag, she will never be the original. Photographer Mario Testino is in talks with the label to shoot the campaign which will be a very difficult choice considering he is one of Kate’s closest friends.

And so it appears the saga is coming to an end and with it brought endless non-revelations of sex and drugs in the fashion industry and the possibility of Kate’s first speaking interview to chat show host Michael Parkinson. Apparently she’s hoping it will help her salvage her career and win the public back, it’s also likely she’ll be going back into rehab.

The Sunday Times say she gets away with it because she’s “pretty”, which is probably true, but in truth we all have our flaws and she’s never been one to pretend that she doesn’t, unlike most.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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