Kate Moss_ Katy England
So it comes as no surprise that Kate wont be designing her collection for Topshop, however what is interesting is the appointment of Katy England (creative director at Alexander McQueen) who’ll create the collection on Kate’s behalf. While the prospect of seeing what England has to offer is extremely exciting, it seems such a shame that Kate, a style icon of our times, either lacks the confidence or can’t be bothered to be fully involved in the project.

Even Sienna Miller, who’s faced a lot of criticism in her time for being an imitation of Kate, has taken an active role in her new label and Milla Jovovich who teamed up with Carmen Hawk, has stated in the past that she is always busy sourcing materials and finding inspiration for new collections.

If Kate has decided to lend her name to the project she should also lend her talent rather than take the credit for what will be Katy England’s finished product.

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