Last Updated on 19th October 2013

I’m a hoarder. I buy loads of magazines every month, flick through, Rachel Zoe then read them back to back a couple of months later and NEVER throw any away. Which is why I just read L’Wren’s Scott’s interview with Vogue back in November, only last weekend. Scott is so private that the interview lacked personality but she did manage to get in a couple of subtle jibes at Rachel Zoe, although of course she mentioned no names. Her main gripes were stylists who talk about their celebrity clients, style their clients in their image and who get ahead because of whom they know. On one hand she has a point; she holds the old school mentality or rather the stylists’ code of conduct that one should not outshine one’s clients, one which Zoe shows no knowledge of. But when it comes to Zoe I do sit on the fence, mainly because at a time when the lines are so blurred and you have celebrities becoming designers, and vice versa, the old school rules aren’t completely applicable anymore, and I can’t seem to fault her for taking advantage of the blur.

Yes her tactics are tacky, and her work is not revolutionary – although she single-handedly spawned her own trend in 2006- but Zoe is a business woman and with all the projects she’s working on, you have to hand it to her, she’s also a hard worker whom I believe is a stylist that is a product of today’s society that says to get any recognition for your work you need to style a celebrity, you need publicity, you need to be known!


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