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hilton-richie-harpers.jpgI love your blog and so do a LOT of people! So you MUST start a petition to prevent the sale of the paris-hilton-nicole richie disaster of a bazaar cover. First they start out by making FUN of these no-style bimbo airheads, then they put them on the COVER? This makes no sense! I am outraged that such an esteemed magazine would start shooting covers with people of this calibre on them! I simply have no respect for the magazine after this! Something must be done! – Najuba

Hey Najuba,

This is one of the best emails I’ve received in a while! I agree 110%. The problem is Harpers are responding to the majority… they are giving the masses what they want and its unlikely they’d feature these airhead bimbo’s if they didn’t think they would sell, either that or they’re being compensated with a large sum of money. I believe the only way Paris and Nicole and the rest of their cronies can be completely eradicated from the spotlight will be when the majority stop obsessing over their uneventful lives which consists on the whole of pantiless partying. Until then I’m afraid it’s likely that we will have to endure them on the covers of these so called “respectable fashion magazines for a while. However your wish is my command and if anyone else feels as strongly as Najuba about this and wishes to make a change please leave a comment showing your support!



This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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