Last Updated on 19th October 2013

So you start off the evening with a couple of drinks coupled with great company then head off dancing in a pair of heels so cute that you’re lavished with compliments all night! By midnight you decide you just don’t care, you’ll go on barefoot if you have to, if only just to make the pain go away! Sounds crazy….I know…but welcome to my world. I forfeited comfort over style a long time ago when it comes to footwear. The majority of my shoes were not made for walking let alone dancing, so the idea of an adjustable heel is a dream which should have come true years ago.
The CAMiLEON heel allows those of us who put our feet through this un-necessary hardship to adjust a 3¼ heel down to a comfortable 1½ “ as and when desired. A steel rod in the heel with a flexible, yet sturdy leather sole makes this heavenly concept possible. The problem is the idea was developed with the working woman in mind – think Melanie Griffith in Working girl – which is understandable but perhaps explains why the shoes available for sale just aren’t appealing enough to make me want to part with my cash. Hopefully in time this will change but until then the trade off between comfort and style continues.

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