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So…I’ve arrived at the Hotel Roosevelt in L.A (where Victoria’s Secrets are putting us up for the night) after what has got to be the most surreal flight ever, only to see Paris Hilton in the lobby (even more surreal…by the way her skin is unbelievably flawless) and I am tired! Not too tired to dish though. The fun and frolicking kicked off in the departure lounge at JFK where we were treated to a fabulous buffet spread and cute complimentary pyjamas to change into for the party.

After mingling, eating and drinking we boarded the famous “Runway Angel courtesy of Virgin America, which originally flew the Angels to L.A for the Victoria’s Secret 12th annual show. The plane was lush and kitted out with leather seats, dim blue lighting and an interactive entertainment system for each passenger. Selita and Miranda played hosts and kept energy levels up. After a couple of hours the aisle (which was quite tiny) became a runway and the girls did their thing and modelled pyjama’s from the Victoria’s Secret Christmas catalogue to tunes from Kanye West, The Spice girls and A couple of the styles were a bit too loud but the majority were VERY cute especially these lip printed, flannel Pj’s.

We landed in L.A slightly dishevelled but it was worth it…….. I don’t think I’ve been on a plane with so many gorgeous women all with bouncy curls and glossy lips and by the looks of it neither had any of the guys. They were in their element, loving every moment and requested endless pictures with the models, who were incredibly sweet and more than happy to fulfil their requests! Highlight of the evening? Being mistaken for a model (even though I was stuffing my face with food) by a couple of guests who asked to take pictures with me….I was too shy to fulfil their requests!

The verdict? The show was fab and treatment was exceptional. Best of all Virgin America gave all passengers a free round trip ticket which we will be giving away very soon, so STAY TUNED!!! O.K I’m off to check out the shops on Hollywood Boulevard and see what goodies I can buy before I have to catch my flight later today!

P.S On another note there’s a mountain lion let loose in L.A as I write this….I’m definitely a long way from home!



This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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