Last Updated on 19th October 2013

pr_4_3.jpgWhat a disaster! I was not the least bit impressed with the designs that were sent down the runway on Wednesday night.

The challenge was to create a look for Tiki Barber , retired football great and correspondent for the Today show – the winning design to be worn by Tiki on air. Understood, nearly all the designers were making menswear for the first time, but I was shocked to see that many of them didn’t even know how to start a sketch or how to even construct a basic men’s work shirt or slacks. People were knocking over dress forms, cussing at each other, and just at a complete loss over this seemingly straight-forward challenge.

pr_carmen.jpgSloppy and unfinished garments were all over the runway. Carmen draped a piece of blue fabric over the chest of her otherwise naked model because she didn’t have time to put a shirt together. Tiki commented that his 5 year old child could have done better than Ricky whose suit combo was pinned together and literally falling apart at the seams. And Sweet P’s model looked like he was coming home from a long night out after work, donning a collared shirt unbuttoned to mid-chest (because it didn’t fit properly!) with a tie loosely strung around his neck.

In the end, the top 3 designs, by Jack, the winner, Kitt and Kevin, were basically the only ones that were well-sewn and that looked like typical sports commentator get-ups (ie pinstripes, vests, loud colored button-downs). In my opinion, the only designs that stood out and looked high fashion were Elisa’s and Christian’s.

To no one’s dismay, big headed “Carmen, like the opera. Webber, like the baller, was OUT. Let’s hope for a better showing from the remaining contestants next week.

Picks to make it to fashion week:

Rami, Kit, Christian

Next to be cut:

Stephen, Jack, Chris

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