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After 2 long weeks of Project Runway repeats ,marathon style , we finally got a new ep to give us somethin’ “sweet to talk about in the new year! Instead of going to Mood for supplies, the contestants were ushered to the Time Square Hershey’s store where they grabbed Twizzlers, Hershey bars, Peanut Butter Cups and anything else they could get their hands on as materials for the next challenge. As I was watching, I couldn’t help but think that if I were a contestant, I would’ve probably gotten sidetracked and strategically stocked up for my pre-emptive chocolate binge instead of potential materials for a dress.

It was really funny to see Chris March (the most ‘sizeable’ contestant) avoid taking anything edible in the store and repeatedly mention that making garments out of food never worked for him. How many other scenarios could he possibly have been in where he had to design clothing out of perishable foodstuffs? Whatever the traumatizing incident was helped him; the judges loved his chic looking dress and were impressed that Chris showed refinement in a challenge that could’ve easily turned into another overboard and costumey design.

Other standouts in my book included Julienne’s Twizzler outfit , which was impressive since she was the only designer who opted to use actual candy as material, Christian’s halter dress , made out of over 1000 unwrapped peanut butter cups, and Kevin’s design – which had no trace of Hershey’s on it ,looking more like an expensive 3-piece ensemble from Saks or Barney’s. In the end it was Rami who took the prize though because Zac Posen (the guest judge) was smitten by his well-constructed and complex design , half of which was made out of paper! Even though I thought he executed his design well, I personally liked Kevin and Christian’s outfits more since they were more wearable and not kitschy looking at all.

Although it’s almost impossible to make a sad looking dress out of candy bar wrappers and toys, Elisa somehow pulled it off. Her “macabre piece stood out from the other whimsical and fun designs, and the judges found it disturbing and nix-worthy. Although I’ll surely miss her zen-like demeanor and her endearing oddness, Elisa was bound to go home early in this competition because of her lack of commercial perspective. Quirkiness and artsiness can only take you so far, in the end, people have to want to wear your clothes…in public.

Picks to make it to fashion week:

Rami, Kit, Christian

Next to be cut:

Sweet P (She’s hanging by a thin thread)

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