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High street fashion has done it again, using designer duds as inspiration for their own more affordable, yet no less fashion-forward, lines. This time our beloved Topshop has created the Splatter Top – their own version of the Yves St Laurent Paint Splattered Tank. Although my budget dictates that I nearly always go High Street instead of high-end, in this case if money were of no concern I’d opt for the latter.

The YSL piece has a better colour balance with its mixture of yellow, blue, red and purple, and splatters understated enough to make this top office-appropriate.

The Topshop version is much darker (with grey, gold, black and red splashes) and is more inspired by the hipster/grunge look with a tunic-like silhouette. Regardless of the route you choose; be careful when creating your outfit as each piece strays dangerously close to the fashions of the 80s…there is a reason why certain fashion elements from that decade have been forgotten for a reason.

Ultimately, each top brings something different to the table; the YSL option is sophisticate with an edge while the Topshop piece is casual and grungy.

If you’re a fan of the bright primaries of the YSL tank and want something that is just as edgy with a higher glam factor, try the YSL Paint Splatter Dress. You’ll look more abstract art than messy artist!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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