Last Updated on 19th October 2013

ricky_pr.jpgRicky, aka Mr. Sensitive, is probably still crying over his first win this season. I couldn’t help but be happy that the underdog – who had seemed to perpetually grace the chopping block , finally stepped up to showcase his talent.

The form-fitting dress he created was an edgy, yet refined, take on denim and looked as though it was painted on his model, hitting every right curve.

Although Ricky was able to muster up some magic this week, his hit-or-miss track record makes it tough to have any confidence that he’ll make it much farther.

As for the rest of the contestants, nearly all of them received warm responses from the judges (even garnering smiles from sometime ice queen, Nina Garcia!).

Rami and Sweet P’s garments were both very girly and wearable and were a refreshing change of pace from their prior designs. Rami finally created something outside of the jersey knit family (although he didn’t have a choice) while at last, Sweet P was able to put together a garment that looked polished and not just thrown together.

Christian definitely offered up the most distinct point of view and he continues to be a frontrunner in my book.

In the end, the two strongest ladies, Jillian and Victorya, were up for the ‘Auf’. Sort of ironic since both of them both created sad looking trench coats. Although Victorya’s patchwork design was overly simple and uninspired looking, I really thought that Chris should have been sent home this week with the presentation of yet another dull and questionable design.

Picks to make it to fashion week:
Christian, Rami, Jillian

Next to be cut:

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