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I will admit that when I was a kid, I used to watch the WWF all the time with my older brothers (I was a big Hulk Hogan fan). I never really got into watching women’s wrestling though because cheering on huge, as in built like a super hero, ladies wearing glittery spandex pulling out each others hair was not really my cup of tea.

So when this weeks Project Runway challenge was to create a look for one of the Divas of Wrestling to wear in the ring, I was partly appalled, but also partly intrigued. After all, what could Nina Garcia and Michael Kors possibly have to say about faux patent leather spandex?

First thought that came to mind was that Chris March , a drag queen costume designer – was going to fly through the challenge. I mean, sequins and lycra must be like buttons and cotton to him. Chris was definitely in his element right off the bat and he and his model quickly bonded over their love for leopard print. I actually really liked the hoodie he put together, and could envision someone fabulous like Gwen Stefani rockin’ it out. Congrats to Chris for his first (and probably only) win this season!

Once again, I thought Christian’s leather and lace design was the most unique and the only one that had strong design elements. Also, I love how he quickly he works. He comes up with an idea and then executes in lightening speed never second-guessing himself, unlike Sweet P, who always switches designs half way through and wings it down the runway. Sweet P has been hanging by a thread this entire season and I really don’t think she deserves to be around for too much longer.

Both Jillian and Rami safely navigated their way through this challenge. Jillian’s blue and white design was a bit safe, but her model loved it and so did the judges. Rami’s pink and frilly ensemble, on the other hand, looked like a Paris Hilton costume gone bad. Luckily he eked by given the poor performances by Sweet P and Ricky.

Although Ricky’s orange bathing suit-looking garment was the only outfit that I’d actually want to wear in public, he totally missed the boat on the challenge. Alas, it was time to say goodbye to Mr. Teary Eyes…who somehow managed not to shed a tear when it must have hurt the most.

Picks for the designers who made it to Bryant Park this week:
Jillian, Christian, Rami

Next to be “out on TV:
Sweet P

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