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I can’t believe how quickly this season of Project Runway has gone by. With this week’s episode, the final contestants were chosen to make their debut at Bryant Park for Fashion Week.

The challenge was to find a piece of art from the MET and to create an original garment inspired from it. It was annoying to see Rami immediately lunge towards a statue of Aphrodite because you just knew he was going to succumb to creating another draped Grecian gown.

Although his lavender dress was really pretty and wearable, seeing another draped garment had absolutely no “wow factor and put him near the bottom.

Jillian , with her little gold frock and jacket – and Chris , with his elaborate avant-garde dress – both impressed the judges with their strong final designs. But it was Christian, the winner of the challenge, who stole the show with his four-piece look that included a dramatic blouson button-down shirt, a vest, a shawl-like piece and pants. Each garment was impeccably constructed and strong enough to stand on its own.

Going into Fashion Week, I believe that Christian is going to win it all and has a shot at becoming a big talent in the fashion world. I love his aesthetic and somehow even find his uninhibited conceit really amusing and endearing.

Finally, the little engine that could, Sweet P, created a cute and colourful baby-doll dress that would do well commercially, but was clearly below calibre when compared to the complex designs and intricate detailing we saw with the other designers. In the end, Sweet P ran out of steam and was ‘auf’d’ right before the big dance.

So who were the final three to made it to Fashion Week? Surprise, surprise, the judges decided to allow four of the final contestants to create collections for Bryant Park. Christian and Jillian were guaranteed spots, but only one designer between Rami and Chris would ultimately be asked to showcase in the Tents. Rami should be able to seal the deal, as long as he doesn’t show up with a collection of toga dresses…

Our pick to win it all?

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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