I totally thought that last night’s episode of Project Runway would be the finale and that the season would be a wrap. Of course, the producers decided to milk it, so we won’t get to see the runway shows and the crowning of the winner until next week (should have figured).

Last night, our friend, Tim Gunn, paid visits to all of the designers in their hometowns…which meant NYC for everyone but Rami, whose business is based out of LA. I felt like the visits weren’t nearly as touchy feely and personal as with past seasons. With Christian, Tim literally walked into a closet-sized room where the designer worked and slept, gave his constructive comments on the collection and then left. No tears, no hugs, no nothing…

At the end of the episode, the designers made their way to NYC a week before Fashion Week, and they awaited the showdown between Rami and Chris.

Based on the hometown visits, I felt that Rami would present a much more refined and marketable collection that would appeal more to judges. His three chosen looks were very strong, and complex, ranging from a beautiful, but non-wearable blue jacket with high neck, pleats, and blouson sleeves, to a pretty draped print dress that was different enough from his typical toga habits, to an uber glam, black evening gown that looked red carpet-worthy.


Chris, on the other hand, presented three black, macabre looks that showed great attention to detail and difficult handwork, but that lacked any commercial understanding. I can’t think of one person who would purchase a garment accented with HUMAN HAIR. People get put off when a stray strand lands on their clothing, why would they choose to buy a garment dripping with someone else’s hair? It still makes me woozy thinking about it.


To no surprise, Rami was chosen to be the third finalist to present at Fashion Week.

Although, Christian has been my favorite this entire season, and his raw talent is undeniable, I’m afraid that his extravagant designs might look too theatrical and non-relatable on the runway. Jillian has a good chance to take it all because of her understanding of what women want to wear, and her self-confidence and sense of direction seem to only have grown over the course of the season. Rami is the underdog in the final walk-off, but if his other pieces are as strong as his previewed garments, he might give Christian and Jillian a run for their money.

Who’s going to take the prize next week?


2nd: Jillian

3rd: Rami

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