Last Updated on 31st March 2008


Notorious for their witty put downs, Heather and Jessica a.k.a “The Fug Girls” – founders of the insanely addictive Go Fug Yourself – have become the go-to for honest fashion commentary. Capitalizing on their success, “The Fug Girls” have just released their debut book titled “Go Fug Yourself presents The Fug Awards” (stay tuned for a review). Here, they give us their thoughts on the Oscars!

What was your favourite Oscar fashion?

Heather: Plenty of people looked perfectly pretty–Amy Ryan, Jennifer Garner–but nobody really took my breath away except possibly Marion Cotillard. Her mermaid-esque dress has been much debated, but for me what pushed it over into the “love it” column was that once the pre-shows were over, her gown was the only one I felt I didn’t see for long enough.

Jessica: I loved Marion’s dress as well. I thought it was the only dress that was both beautifully fitted and flattering, and really sort of interesting as well. It’s a testament to how dull the Oscars were this year that I can’t really even remember anyone else. I did like Keri Russell’s sort of blush-colored Nina Ricci dress as well.


What did you hate?

Heather: Cameron Diaz looked terrible. The dress was rumpled, her hair was in a careless ponytail, and she didn’t have on a lick of makeup. I’m so sick of people being all blase about the Oscars and acting like it’s such a chore. It’s the OSCARS. Step up, please. What doubly kills me is that I saw a photo of her from that weekend at a Lakers game, and her hair and makeup looked miles better than when she walked that red carpet. I don’t get it.

Jessica: I hated Ellen Page’s frumpy flapper dress. I love it conceptually– she totally shouldn’t be trussed up in a satin ball gown like everyone else, because it’s really not her style. But in practice, it just kind of made her look drab and boxy. I think you can do vintage, or non-traditional looks, and still look gorgeous and I think it’s a shame she didn’t manage to pull that off.


Did anyone look better than expected? Worse?

Heather: Daniel Day-Lewis usually shows up looking like a lumberjack who got lost coming out of the woods, so it was refreshing to see him in something more tailored, even if he did have strange brown moccasins on with his suit. Baby steps, right? I was a little disappointed in all the black gowns, when there are so many gorgeous colors to be employed, and I thought Katherine Heigl’s makeup was wretched. It looked like she did it in the dark.

Jessica: I’m going to come out of left field on this one and ask what Ryan Seacrest was thinking with his brown tux? Between that, and Kimora’s wacky kimono-dress, I’d like to know what they’re putting in the coffee at E! I expected him to look more classic and her to look even crazier, so their pre-show was kind of a melange of disappointment.

Collectively, the worst-dressed awards seem to be Diablo Cody and Rebecca Miller–any thoughts on this?

Heather: They were both pretty bad. Diablo Cody’s leopard dress was sort of obvious, but I think what sealed her fate on this one was the slit up the front. She clearly didn’t anticipate that it would fly open if she had to walk onstage for any reason, so when the poor woman accepted her Oscar, she had to try and hold her dress over her crotch. And Rebecca Miller’s dress was just bizarre. But I think on the whole Cameron Diaz looked worse than either of them, because seriously, she just didn’t even look like she tried, and that’s confounding to me.

Jessica: I feel like Diablo Cody’s dress was, as Heather, noted, just kind of predictable, and what made it so unfortunate was that we were all convinced for a moment there that we were going to witness a really awkward Oscars wardrobe malfunction, and she seemed like she was pretty convinced of that as well. I read somewhere that originally the slit was even HIGHER which I truly can not imagine. Was it up to her neck? But I have to stick with Ellen as my worst dressed — just because it was such a waste of potential!

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