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marcjacobs_heels_header.jpgI am a longtime fan of Marc Jacobs, and I usually don’t make any effort to hide it. If the man ever needed a kidney transplant, I’d probably offer him one of mine. However I have become just a little bit bitter toward him lately, and it has nothing to do with delayed runway shows or bribing officials. It has to do with shoes.

We all know that high heels can be really painful to wear, but we suck it up because they look fabulous. Louboutins? Love ‘em. Choos? Yes, please! Then, Mr. Marc Jacobs had to come along and re-interpret the high heel as … well, I’m not exactly sure what he was thinking, but it clearly wasn’t about comfort.

Apparently, the heel of the shoe no longer needs to do useful things such as supporting the heel of the wearer. As if that wasn’t enough, other designers are following suit and doing crazy things to footwear. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so rather than continue, I will leave you with the below images to peruse:

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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