If it seems like ombre and snakeskin are everywhere lately … it’s because they are. Unlike other trends du jour that are kind of ridiculous (like toting bags around big enough to fit both Olsens inside), these trends are chic.

Ombre is a great way to add subtle visual interest to an otherwise blah outfit, while snakeskin strikes the perfect balance between fashionista and socialista.

Clearly, I’m a fan of both of these trends and I was delighted to see these shoes from Cynthia Vincent that are a harmonious fusion of both. For days when my feet are tired I’d choose these Judy Ombre Snake Ballet flats, $240, but for a night out I’d favour the Anna Hidden Platform Ombre Pump, $384.

I’ve been really into flats lately, plus there is something a bit off about the lines of the pumps, so I’m loving the ballet look a bit more. But both pairs would put a smile on my face (and my feet!).

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