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toywatch2_260408.jpgStyled like a Rolex, but without the price tag, ToyWatch has become the latest must-have accessory amongst celebrities. As seen on the wrists of talk show queen Oprah, Jessica Alba, Clive Owen and Madonna (to name but a few) it’s created a new type of anti-luxury statement amongst the rich and famous.

This lightweight, oversized plastic watch, inspired by high design timepieces, first came onto the market in 2006, and proved so popular, that the manufacturers opened a standalone store only a year later in Milan. The buzz surrounding the launch of ToyWatch was so impressive that it was likened to that of Swatch when it first made its debut in the 1980s!

Who would have thought that a watch made of plastic would make such a big splash all over the world. In the past two years, ToyWatch has appeared on numerous TV shows – Oprah listed it as one of her favourite things, and Ellen punted it on The Ellen Degeneres Show , and in almost all the fashion glossies , Elle, Vogue, and Glamour (the list goes on).

It comes in various styles such as Ceramic, Crystal,Mother of Pearl Chrono, and the latest Luxury range (my favourite and naturally the most expensive). You can expect to pay anything from £100 to £200 for your ToyWatch, and might even be lucky enough to pick one up on Ebay for about £50 – but whether it’s real or not is the question.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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