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alexachung_280408.jpgNot usually one to partake in any item of clothing that might come under the banner of “androgynous”, I tend to ignore any call to arms for “sharp masculine tailoring” or “boyish style”. There is one exception, however, one item that lives very happily alongside my floral skirts and countless jewels. Why, men’s checked shirts of course.

I go through phases with them, but I always return and now seems as good a time as any to sing their praises. Their boyish charm is the perfect companion to this season’s overriding femininity, especially when worn over a pretty dress or baggy over a sleek silhouette. Plus, they are currently being touted all over town on the likes of ‘it girls’ Alexa Chung and Lou Doillon.

It is my humble opinion that checked shirts must be authentically male and I have gathered (read: stolen) my small collection from ex-boyfriends and male friends over the years. The danger with fitted checked shirts is the very real risk you run of being ushered into a rodeo at any given moment.

If, however, you prefer your garments less scruffy-boy and more fitted-lady, I still encourage the purchasing of second hand shirts (or, again stealing from close friends) – the colours just seem to be better. Somehow, high street checked shirts always look a little forced and try-hard. Which, of course, is missing the point entirely.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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