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As ubiquitous as the images from “The Edge of Love” (the upcoming film about poet Dylan Thomas starring Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller) have become, I can’t help but love them so. I remain utterly seduced by the rugged 40s flowers that the girls appear to be, despite the slight bitterness that the film has turned what is essentially my day to day look of choice (floral dresses, woolly cardigans and a smudge of lipstick) into a fashion cliche.

There are two main reasons I am in love with this look:

1) Being set mainly in Wales, finally a look which is entirely weather appropriate for the British summer. Advocating the continued wearing of flimsy dresses and flippy skirts, whilst demonstrating that the only way to do so without developing frostbite is to combine them with layers of socks, cardigans and boots is an essential British lesson for all to heed.

2) The glamour of the era is present in the lipstick and tousled curls but slightly undermined by the inevitable scruffiness that comes hand in hand with residing on the Welsh coast. As a girl who battles constantly with an devoted love of old-fashioned glamour and an innate scruffiness it is comforting to see that the two can, in fact, live side by side in perfect harmony.

Best to just ignore the strong possibility that all of this only really looks good because of the faces peering out from under said tousled curls happen to belong to Keira and Sienna…..

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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