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dolce_080608.jpgWhen Dolce and Gabbanna sent their models down the A/W 08 runway resembling a cloned army of HRH bound for a hunting holiday at Balmoral, I immediately dismissed their printed silk headwear as a a faddish trend. Stored away with other novelty artefacts that I attempt to ignore until they inevitably pass onto their shadowy rest in the graveyard of fashion, it took me a while to notice that they have returned to hover by my sleepy brain until I sit up and look properly.

So here are my revised thoughts: yes, if teamed with cashmere, tartan and barbour your ensemble will appear to all as an ill-advised fancy dress costume.

But taken out of context, I must admit there is potential here. Perhaps they would be a welcome addition to my largely out of control scarf collection – a touch of old fashioned charm amongst my babushka florals and summery chiffon. Any given second hand store has baskets and baskets of the wanted item and they can be a delightfully cheap way to transform a outfit.

I don’t, however, think I am quite ready for full head coverage a la Her Majesty (although handy for a sudden downpour) and so I will be tying my heritage into bows and summery top knots. Ah, another faddish trend embraced……

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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