Last Updated on 19th October 2013

Is it too early to start making a Christmas list? Having tried Jean Paul Gaultier’s latest scent , Madame , I’m beginning to think not.

This musky perfume, powerful upon its initial spray, softens over a few hours, leaving a vibrant, citrus aroma without the overtly fruity notes that we might look for in a summer scent. It is also vaguely reminiscent of JPG’s ‘Classique’: a modern take on the popular fragrance, if you will.

Admittedly, Gaultier has received mixed reviews for ‘Madame’, but somehow I doubt this will disrupt the sales. Perhaps this may be because he has enrolled none other than our very own ‘model of the moment’, Agyness Deyn to front the campaign…

Yes it is true , the girl is in fact, everywhere. The television advertisement shows Deyn savagely cutting off her long peroxide locks to reveal the Agy crop that we know and love, before proceeding to snip away at her monochrome attire to reveal the androgynous style for which JPG is renowned.

The end result is a slick presentation of the modernisation of a classic perfume, incorporating the consistent aspects of Gaultier’s work whilst creating a funkier, punkier image. And the scent can back it up too.

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