Last Updated on 23rd June 2021


A little over a month ago in the quaint town of Poitiers in western France, a gentleman by the name of Dominique Moreau engages in a movement against the rigid, gender?based sartorial codes of fashion. He—in league with thirty other able bodied men—spends a good part of the day wearing skirts.

Why, you might ask? Well, it just so has it that, historically, the skirt has been a item of clothing not exclusively marked out for women and Moreau wants to instill that verve to wear skirts in men once again!

Hearken back a month and, quite frankly, we wished Mr. Moreau and his organization, Hommes en Jupe (Men in Skirts), all the best in their endeavors at culling legions of men to their somewhat gender-bending calling, but now we’re reevaluating. Based on the events that took place on Wednesday at New York Fashion Week, Hommes en Jupe’s male skirt movement will definitely gained some pep in its step courtesy of a new patron: Marc Jacobs!

Heroically clad in a red tartan kilt, Jacob’s gaily received accolades for his Marc by Marc Jacobs show. Tartan is seriously doing the rounds this season so the pattern was a pleasing nod to the enlightened, however, there’s no doubt in my mind that a flurry of men who are both expressive with their clothing and comfortable with their sexuality will begin to latch unto this skirt craze.

As is the case with androgynous trends, questions are sure to arise as per the acceptable length at which a man should don his skirt. Unlike the fiasco that currently surrounds men, shorts, and how short is too short, skirts on men and the appropriate length is more of a weighty matter that needs serious discussion.

Not too long ago, The Sartorialist quipped about whether men’s skirts should fall above or or below the knee. My response to that is keep in consonant with Mr. Jacobs—below the knee—and you won’t draw too many added stares!


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