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Heralded as ‘the ones to watch in the fashion world’, Steve J and Yoni P presented a highly eclectic show in the 
Strand’s Korean Cultural Centre. Oversized glasses gave baby doll dresses a geek chic approach, fabrics were either 
floaty and ethereal or manipulated into heavily structured origami-like pleats.

The two staple fabrics of the collection were English wool 
or Italian silk, but I’m sure I saw some glimpses of transparent mesh covering that gave the designs a far more modernist edge than the base materials suggest.


The inspiration for this seasons collection came from a mix of architecture and fine art: perceptibly apparent when observing some of the construction of the sleeveless bodices and tapered trousers, and also the rather romantic, soft shapes that seemed to float down the catwalk.

Pastel socks were under sandals, so I’m assuming that particular trend is here to stay (watching some of the other shows reconfirms this , it’s unfortunate because on the majority of us that don’t populate the catwalk, it looks rather silly).

Huge baubles kept cropping on hair bands and shoes, amazingly managing not to look ridiculous at all, but instead just emphasizing their flirty and playful take on summer’s fashion.

Definitely ones to watch…

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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