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On arrival at Modernist show guests were presented with a single pastel pink rose setting the tone perfectly for the uber romantic, dreamy collection which followed. It was by far my favourite show of the day, which is not surprising when taking into account my unconditional love for all things girlie, yes that includes flowers, frills, lace and even ruffles, all of which featured across this collection.

Departing from last seasons predominantly black colour palette the show opened with an array of truly stunning white dresses, ethereal models glided along the catwalk in these creations which varied with intricate applique details and amazingly ornate cut outs  providing the pieces with texture. Clean lines and interesting angles however gave the designs a strong and modern edge.

Colour came in the form of pastel pink tulip skirts giving way to stunning deep mauve dresses in structured fabrics as well as violet full length gloves which added to the elegant glamour of the collection. lavish floral detail came in the form of over-sized corsages on sheer tops. < When Modernist's trademark black made its reappearance it came in the form of structured dresses with almost gothic lace detailing and yet more unbelievably detailed applique cut outs. Sumptuous sheer fabrics (a recurring motif in the shows this week) added to the gothic edge, pulling the collection away from being simply saccharine sweet. The craftsmanship on show at Modernist was breathtaking and despite the heavily textured design statements the pieces were far from fussy and remained pleasingly edgy by combining all out feminine glamour with clean lines and quirky shapes. I predict highly simplified versions of Modernists stunning designs appearing on the high street in the not so distant future, I doubt however that they will be able to do justice to the designers acute attention to intricate detail. [Images]

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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