Last Updated on 12th May 2017


Here at My Fashion Life, we have (more than once) expressed our dismay towards celebrity fashion labels. In fact, one OC related launch in particular drew a bitter response little more than one month ago… (Read here)

So imagine my predicament when I actually get bought a new bag from the Mischa Barton range. Of course, I wasn’t about to refuse this gift but neither was I sure if I was quite ready to take out my new ‘Coco Large’ into the wide, handbag world. 

Admittedly, for the amount of clutter I carry around on a daily basis, the size is perfect. I’m sure I could fit around 5 little Chihuahuas in there should I find myself with a Paris Hilton-esque mini-dog harem. What’s more, the versatile, black exterior means that it might not be as hideous as say, ‘Marisa’ tote which is ‘wannabe’ vintage and predominantly emblazoned with the recognisable, four-leafed clover symbol.  

I thought it best not to hold a grudge against my new and not-all-that-bad-looking freebie, so loaded her up and set out the door, feeling as though I was doing a fairly good deed. 

What happens next is not pretty. I am not sure that I had even owned the bag five hours before I noticed that one of the two straps had decided to unstitch and unravel itself from the gold attachment which linked it to the main body of the bag. This in turn loosened the random gold chain which was presumably positioned around the strap for aesthetic reasons, yet now hangs aimlessly looking like a bit of tat that I added myself. It was then that the good-deed feeling began to evaporate. 

I think perhaps I had too much faith to not return the bag right away. Since then, the pretty, purple corduroy interior has split due to the strain of my phone in the ‘phone’ pocket (maybe I was silly for thinking that is where my phone was meant to go), and there are so many loose threads that I have stopped checking the bag for ailments.

Why ever did they kill off Marissa?

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