I did GQ Rules last year and I threw out all my suits and a sizeable chunk of my dress shirts. Yes, that’s how metamorphic the tutelage was. In a space of thirty days, I sat, watched, and listened to GQ’s seasoned fashion team deliberate on sartorial matters such as buying a suit that fits snuggly or the different types of collars and the appropriate ties to pair them with. Literally, GQ laid down and mapped out all the basic rules to catapult my closet from ponderous to vivacious. Building on the success of this month long style intervention, GQ Rules has returned, but with a cheeky twist.

Now it’s all good and well to diligently follow the canons of appropriate dressing, but in fashion, rules are made to be broken and that’s what GQ Rules is all about this year—edifying one on “becoming a well dressed rebel in 30 days.” For instance, laudable New York menswear designer, Thom Browne, will be paying a visit sometime during the thirty days to speak on the sockless trend—I’m there!

If our kind, prophetic words are not enough to convince you to embark on this journey, does a $10,000 J. Crew wardrobe pique any interest? Well enough talking; just check out the footage and see you in thirty days!

Visit GQ Rules here!

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