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Since Kate Moss donned her little hot-pants outfit to the UK’s favourite music event – Glastonbury – a few years ago, festival goers have treated the occasion like a bizarre, mud-filled catwalk – parading their finest (and often loudest) wardrobes to the masses. The best (or maybe worst) thing about this? There are no rules.

But let’s not limit this to the girls. And having said that, to the festival crowd themselves. Performers after all, are under the scrutiny of the fields of fashionistas, fans and cameras, and the men are no exception. Here’s a few that we’ve picked out:

Pete Doherty – Dressed in his faithful trilby hat, Pete chose a military/old band style top in a black and gold jersey material for his performance on The Other Stage. Thumbs up to Pete for the casual take on this formal theme. Although we’re not so sure about the navy blue polo shirt underneath, luckily Pete can pull off just about anything without it looking out of the ordinary.

Damon Albarn – An understated Fred Perry polo shirt from the lead singer of Blur. Not to detract from the much anticipated reunion of the 90s ‘Britpop’ band, Albarn opted for the iconic shirt from the British label, currently celebrating their 100th year. The people at Fred Perry must be very happy considering Glastonbury’s national reach, alongside Andy Murray’s performances in their brand at Wimbledon!

Paul Smith – Looking dapper in his powder-blue suit, frontman of Maximo Park – Paul Smith – kicked off Glastonbury with his usual high-octane performance (complete with bowler hat). You’d think that all that jumping around the stage wouldn’t do any good for one’s suit – and you’d be right. Smith revealed to NME that he has enlisted the help of tailor Jonathan Quearney to reinforce the crotch of his trousers!

James Allen – It was an all-black occassion for the Glasvegas boys, and James Allen kept his cool throughout, despite spending some of their set in a leather biker jacket that had a rather scary skull emblazoned across the back. Each to their own.  Loving the Wayfarers though.

Pharrell Williams – What else would the lead singer of N*E*R*D step out on stage in, except his own luxury brand Billionaire Boys Club? The band might have had the plug pulled during their last song due to time constraints, which might have lead to a little Pharrell strop, but at least he’s throwing a hissy fit in style.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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