Last Updated on 9th June 2010

Alejandro, Alejandro…..Ally-Ally-jandro, Ally-Ally-jandro…Yes, we’ve got it stuck on repeat in our heads too, damn Gaga and her catchy tunes. And damn Gaga and her epic must-see videos – her latest offering in case you haven’t heard it, is ‘Alejandro’, a tale of…well, we’re not quite sure? But it does involve a semi-naked writhing Gaga and military-esque male dancers in heels and on leashes. Pretty standard then.

But Gaga is a fashion favourite and can pull in the big guns when it comes to great designers and directors. Following her last video, ‘Telephone’ which was directed by Jonas Akerlund and styled by Nicola Formichetti, Gaga’s latest video has been directed by legendary photographer and long time Madonna collaborator Steven Klein – watch closely and you might just spot the similarities…

And if that’s not fashion enough for you then you’ll be pleased to know that the military uniforms worn by Gaga’s brood of dancers have been designed and produced by none other than Emporio Armani. Complete with knee high boots, red arm band and military cap they look every inch the Gaga army. We know, you secretly want a Gaga army outfit yourself don’t you? Lucky lucky you, because the special looks will indeed arrive in store at Emporio Armani next season. Time to get practising those dance moves.

Ally-ally-jandro, ally-ally-jandro…

Watch the video here.

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