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You may already be familiar with the women’s beauty range Soap and Glory – the candy pink packaging, the retro black and white images and the kitsch taglines such as ‘Sexy Mother Pucker’ lipgloss and ‘Glow Job’ moisturiser. Well guess what? There’s a men’s range too, in the form of a not so pink, not so retro, but just as kitsch, Men’s Soap and Glory.

If you prefer a more of a basic approach to grooming, or you just haven’t quite got round to braving the Clinique shelves in Boots yet, Men’s Soap and Glory is a great no-frills range that does what it says on the (very explanatory) packaging. From their ‘Al Fresco’ deodorant with ‘odour armour’ to the ‘Soap’er Man’ shower gel that promises to make you ‘tingle all over’, the Soap and Glory Men’s range is packed with bold, fresh scents and all the grooming basics you’ll need.

We especially like the ‘A Shave to Love’ shave gel which has, what the Soap and Glory people call, ‘lubrajel oil’ for a stress-free razor slip, conditioning Babassu oil and Bisabolol and cooling aloe, and we also quite like the very handy ‘Knock Your Spots Off’ – a spot fighting gel that literally does knock your spots off – great for the occasional killer pimple.

So if you’re thinking about braving the world of grooming then get yourself some of these basics, because as the Soap and Glory gang would say it’s good to be gorgeous even if you’re a guy.

Men’s Soap and Glory is available from Boots and Harvey Nichols.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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