Last week saw the first two episodes of the UK Apprentice on BBC1. Fans of the show will have seen the girls’ team knock the boys out of the ball park on both occasions, and while they certainly won, you can see tensions rising in the team and their female solidarity has officially left the building.

This got me thinking though how much harder it is for the girls to dress than the boys. It’s not like they can just slip on an old suit from Zara. No, their style has to be much more calculated – smart enough for them to be taken seriously, unique enough to set themselves apart from the others.

And don’t forget than extra sprinkle of glam because they’re on the tele.  

As far as fantasy work wear goes, surely everyone’s dream is strutting around the office in top-to-toe Balenciaga – the label is synonymous with power dressing. Big shoulders, clean lines and amples of attitude.

This black tailored jacket with satin lapels has CEO written all over it. It’s cool, classic and demands to be taken seriously. A word to The Apprentice girls; lose the egos, grab this jacket.

Balenciaga Tailored Jacket with Satin Lapels, £1, 285, available at Browns. BUY NOW!

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