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To be any sort of big-shot model in the high-end fashion business you have to be undoubtedly blessed with exceptional good looks, but apparently, fashion designer Christopher Bailey looks for so much more in his Burberry campaign models.

“It’s not just about how beautiful they are, how long their legs are, how they look in the clothes,” said Bailey. “I think you feel spirit and character – and culture – with people.”

Bailey is also a keen supporter of music to add dimension to his design, and he’s a firm fan of one particular Black Eyed Peas front man,

Launching Burberry Acoustic last year, Bailey created a website to bring together music that inspires him and his team, which is then exclusively recorded for the fashion label.

But does Bailey see himself as a bit of a lyrical genius?

“No. Not remotely. Not at all!” said the Burberry creative director to Vogue UK. “Acoustic was something where I was working with a lot of bands and sometimes they’d just start singing and I’d think, shit, we need to record this. And now it’s at a point where, on a daily basis, I get tons of emails from kids all around. I’m a bit: Eeeek. Oh God…!”

They do say too much of a good thing can be dangerous, Chris.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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