Last Updated on 12th May 2013

Adhere to your ears’ style-longing and clip on these eclectic glass crystal drop clip-on earrings from Marni. That’s right. I said ‘clip on’. Now, that may make you think back to your Grandma who couldn’t quite face the staple gun when it came to the piercing of her ears, but there are various bonuses of wearing a clip-on earring.

Number one: these bad boys look pretty heavy when it comes to weight, so your ear lobes won’t be making an escape for freedom southward as they usually do when faced with a pair of heavy-hanging ear decorators.

Number Two: taking these out after a long night on the town won’t be such a difficult dilemma after a few drinks – you’ll be able to actually pull the things off, rather than struggling to manoeuvre wire through the back of your ear.

And, number three: who the hell would say no to something as striking as these babies? Marni, once again we salute you for another brave and stylish design when it comes to ear-hangers.

The plainest shift on the high street is just calling out for these to work their statement magic. And, if you think about these in the same way you do buying an outfit (because, let’s face it, they’ll make one) £280 doesn’t actually sound too bad, eh?

Marni’s Glass Crystal Drop Clip-On Earrings, £280, available at Net-a-Porter.

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