Last Updated on 15th November 2011

We don’t like the abrupt, rude awakening our alarm clocks give us at the best of times, but now that there is a bitter chill in the air, our beds seem even more appealing than usual. Which is why Tony Maggs came up with a new solution by means of The Little Rooster – an erotic alarm clock (and we’re not kidding!). 

The erotic alarm clock doesn’t sit on your bedside table so you can grab it and rapidly hit the snooze button, oh no. It does in fact sit inside your underwear and is aimed to provide you with a literal warm and fuzzy feeling as you wake from your slumber.

“The Little Rooster is the ideal luxury gift for the modern woman,” the press release reads. “It comes beautifully and discreetly packaged, with its own silky carry case. It has a snooze function, a snorgasm® function, a play mode, dual motors and an internally sealed rechargable battery.

“What makes the Little Rooster really special is that delicious semi-conscious state when you’re not yet quite awake. Other alarms tear those precious moments from you. The Little Rooster not only lets you savour them, it makes them even dreamier.”

But this begs the question… do we actually NEED an erotic alarm clock? Is this what women of 2011 need to get them out of bed? We don’t speak for everyone, but in our opinion, we believe the clock would have quite the opposite effect… for instead of leaping out of bed and into a shower to wake us up, the erotic alarm clock would further enhance our dreamlike state, would it not?

Answers on a postcard!

The Little Rooster can be yours for £69 (why does that number not surprise us?)… head to the website to learn more.


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