Last Updated on 19th October 2013

Today’s love or hate feature focuses on a piece that we all probably remember lusting after as a young child. Yes, it’s the quintessential accessory of the school playground – ear muffs.

Cute and cuddly, ear warmers were every little girl’s dream on a cold winters day – they meant we could look cool and quirky whilst being able to fend off our parents’ pleas to wrap up and ‘wear a woolly hat’. Um, no thanks, Mum.

However, should we be a little disconcerted that ear warmers now feature in the grown-up accessories department of shops, too? Or that we’ve spotted rather a lot of people over the age of 20 donning these for the past few cold weeks?

Don’t get us wrong, we can totally see their function – after all, no one likes cold ears – but really, aren’t these just meant for children? Surely we’re grown up enough to find a suitably chic hat to keep us warm now rather than looking, well, like a five-year-old in ear muffs?

What do you think? Fashionably fun or a childish fad that we should leave to the little ones?

Uniqlo women’s faux fur ear warmer, £8.90, available at Uniqlo.

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