Last Updated on 20th March 2012

Karl Lagerfeld’s work is meticulous, so why should his daily routine be any different eh? 

The Kaiser is the latest person to take part in the popular Harper’s Bazaar list feature, letting the world in on what a typical 24 hours in the life of Karl actually entails.

Here’s a few things that we learnt: Karl ensures he sleeps for seven hours, without fail! He doesn’t like hot drinks, his white hair is not natural, he describes his cat Choupette as a “spoiled Princess” and has separate houses for sketching and eating. Only our Karl!

Karl on sleeping: I sleep seven hours. If I go to bed at two, I wake up at nine. If I go to bed at midnight, I wake up at seven. I don’t wake up before – the house can fall apart, but I sleep for seven hours.

Karl on drinks: I never drink anything hot. I drink Diet Coke from the minute I get up to the minute I go to bed.

Karl on hair: My hair is not really white; I make it totally white with Klorane dry shampoo.

Karl on getting dressed: I don’t get dressed and take a bath until lunchtime because I am doing a dirty job, painting with colours. So I wear my long nightshirt; I have everything – sheets and nightshirt and robes – changed every day. I like everything to be washable, myself included.

Karl on his two houses: This house here, it’s only for sleeping and sketching, and I have another house two-and-a-half meters away for lunch and dinner and to see people, and where the cook is.

Karl on his cat, Choupette: Lately, I play with my cat, Choupette. The cat always stays home, and when I leave, the maid takes care of her. She is a spoiled princess.

Amazing. Head to Harper’s Bazaar’s website to check out the full article, which includes info on his uniform, work routine, bath routine, exercising and why he never has lunch.

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