Last Updated on 19th April 2012

Now, what do we have here then…

Urban Outfitters, who as it happens, is no stranger to causing offense with its products, has outraged American group ‘One Million Moms’ by using a picture of two girls kissing in its catalogue.

Bear in mind though, that this is the same group that tried to ban Ellen DeGeneres from being the face of JCPenney just because she is a lesbian.

“The April 2012 catalog from Urban Outfitters has begun arriving in home mailboxes the last couple of days. On page two of this catalog is a picture of two women kissing in a face holding embrace,” reads an alert on the group’s website.

“The content is offensive and inappropriate for a teen who is the company’s target customer. Tell them you will also no longer shop at their stores if you hear this type of advertising continues.”

Hmmm… what do you guys reckon? Do you think Urban Outfitters wanted to cause a bit of a stir to get people talking or are ‘One Million Moms’ just looking for an excuse to lash out?

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