Last Updated on 3rd May 2012

When he’s not shooting for Two and a Half Men or entertaining Rihanna at his bachelor pad (if we are to believe the rumours, that is), Ashton Kutcher is dressing up in some monochrome to impersonate Karl Lagerfeld. Well, er… kind of.

Ashton Kutcher powdered his hair and dressed himself up in what could have literally come from Kaiser Karl’s wardrobe to play the part of “Darl”, a hilarious spoof version of the Chanel designer.

We weren’t quite sure what was actually being endorsed in this video when we first caught a glimpse of it, but we can in fact confirm that it’s none other than Popchips, a snack company that Ashton has invested in.

There are lots of hilarious ‘Darlisms’ in the vid, including quotes such as: “money creates taste and I have lots of both”, “au naturel is always in fashion, just like my face” and our personal favourite, “miracles in my mouth make an Eiffel Tower in my pants”.

Although the accent is a bit questionable, we can’t fault the outfit or the quirky things he says. You have to see it to believe it though. Happy viewing!
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