Last Updated on 19th October 2013

For this week’s Rate or Slate, Zoe Saldana, Cheryl and Jaime King have come under the Style Jury’s unforgiving fashion microscope!

Zoe opted out of a dress at the Persol Magnificent Obsession: 30 Stories of Craftsmanship in Film event, instead going for a Louis Vuitton pre-fall 2012 embellished sweater and cropped green pants combo. Louis Vuitton cap-toe pumps completed her look.

The ‘Nation’s Sweetheart’ may have been in hibernation for a while, but she’s back with a vengeance, and minus a certain philandering ex-husband’s surname. Preferring to be known only as ‘Cheryl’ going forward, the Geordie beauty opted for a Ksubi dress and matching Charlotte Olympia heels. This one’s definitely an on-the-fence outfit for us!

Jaime King also attended the Persol Magnificent Obsession: 30 Stories of Craftsmanship in Film event in a fizzy Peter Pilotto spring/summer 2012 number. Rather aptly accessorising with sunglasses (after all, it is Persol), we’re still trying to figure out if Jaime’s aquatic style is really making waves…

And on that note, it’s over to the Style Jury.

Fashion News Ed says:

Zoe Saldana: ‘Zoe gets top marks for effort. We know she is capable of looking sublime in a cute dress but I like her experimentation with bold prints, colour and opting to wear something out of her comfort zone. A celeb is always going to get brownie points from me when they wear something in the trouser department, and Zoe is no exception. Fave!’

Cheryl: ‘I have been in two minds over this one since I first set eyes on it… love the dress, I think the style totally flatters Cheryl’s frame and adheres to her relatively experimental style but still not sure about whether the matchy-matchy shoes were the best choice. Where’s her penchant for luminous footwear or indeed Kate Middleton’s nude L.K Bennett’s when you need them, eh?’

Jaime King: ‘I think there’s a bit too much going on with this look. I would have preferred a shorter hemline and fuss-free shoes, but I’m glad she went for an up-do, because anything else would have been far too distracting. The shades on her head offer a nice, relaxed “I just threw this on” vibe but it doesn’t work with the structure of the rest of her look so as a whole, not loving it.’

Amy says:

Zoe Saldana: ‘It’s not like teeny-tiny Zoe Saldana is a woman over-flowing with soft curves anyway but this Louis Vuitton outfit just makes her too angular altogether. I just wish I could give those unfortunately fitting trousers back to whichever poor golfer she stole them from.’

Cheryl: ‘This is a bit matchy-matchy with the double leopard and baby blue but it’s still a good look for The Nations Sweetheart. (Wait; are we still calling her that? I forget.) I am giving this a thumbs up and not just because I can practically see my reflection in her shiny hair.’

Jaime King: ‘That dress is perfection. The shoes I can live with, if not fully endorse. Those sunglasses? Sigh. Take those sunglasses off of your head, Jaime, you plonker. You’re distracting me from the dress.’

You say:

‘Liked Zoe and Cheryl, but not a big fan of Jaime’s.’  – @FashionistaWay via Twitter

‘I like Zoe and Jaime’s outfits.’ – Megan Damyanov via Facebook

Zoe’s outfit spells Elegant!  A Cropped top with beautiful details perfectly paired with matching green gorgeous accessories. Hair do is also a perfect choice as its subtle and sophisticated. Well done! Cheryl Cole does sexy with a sp…lash of playful. The dress accentuates her lovely figure and her choice of heels is quite right!  Jaime’s outfit reflects her personality: cute and fun! The print is summery and the cut wraps around her body perfectly. Love the choice of color for her sandals!’ – Iman Mansour Fathallah via Facebook

Verdict: RATE to the power of two!

Although Zoe and Cheryl’s outfits do have questionable elements – Zoe, the pants are a little, well, pants when it comes to fit, and Cheryl, you look a treat but absolutely everything doesn’t have to be identical, their looks work. The detour from a dress on the red carpet is always going to be a winner, and as for Cheryl, we wouldn’t recognise her if it weren’t for those cute dresses she slips into so perfectly! Jaime: good dress, bad accessories. We love Peter Pilotto, but sunglasses (yes, we know it couldn’t be helped), indoors and atop an amazing aquatic-inspired dress? NO.

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