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If you’ve watched even a fraction of an episode of The Only Way is Essex, Snog Marry Avoid or Geordie Shore, you may be scratching your heads at what we’re about to tell you.

Apparently, British women have been regarded as some of the most conservatively dressed in Europe, which is quite an interesting statistic to say the least. Allow us to explain…

Parisian fashion house ‘Georgede’ recently conducted a survey, and the results were quite intriguing. According to the research, most of us British women tend to cover up their arms, cleavage and legs (above the knee) more than our Eurppean cousins, while Brit skirt hemlines are on average 10cm longer than those in France and Italy.

Georgede’s MD Phillip Bendavid thinks we have two very famous Kates to thank for that.

“Kate Middleton and Kate Moss are leading the charge,” he said. “Kate Moss’s recent comment that women should cover up more is very much a reflection of what is happening in the UK. The Duchess of Cambridge is also definitely influencing the way British women are dressing. For example, you never see her inappropriately dressed. She covers up those areas that women are very conscious about.”

We don’t think Kate Middleton is “covering up” because she feels self conscious though… not with a figure like hers. Still, we find the results relatively interesting. We’re not questioning their accuracy but… 10cm longer hemlines? Really?

Thoughts, please…

Ps: we also thought Alexa Chung was a great ambassador for looking great while covering up, hence the pic!

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This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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