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On Wednesday, we (along with quite a few other blogs and online publications) commented on Kim Kardashian’s rather strange outfit choice…

The reality TV star (and usually impeccable dresser) was sporting a Stella McCartney polka dot panel dress with what we assumed was a pair of Spanx – or something similar in the shapewear department – very visibly underneath. We came to this conclusion because a) we know Kim is a fan of the shape-flattering garments and b) have seen it on Kate Winslet sans the suspicious beige insert inside…

Kim took to her blog to clarify a few things, and it turns out the asymmetrical polka dot dress actually came with the beige bit sewn inside. No word of a lie! We didn’t believe her at first so we did some Google-ing and found out that she was indeed telling the truth, as we found picture evidence of the likes of Doutzen KroesAnastasia and Kim’s very own mother Kris Jenner sporting different variations of the dress with the flesh insert firmly inside. Well what do you know!

We still stick by what we said about not totally digging Kim’s look though. Maybe it’s the stark skin tone contrast or the fact that we’ve seen Kate Winslet rock it better or possibly even the totally inappropriate boots… or a mix of all three?

We know Kim will bounce back from this sartorial slip up (no pun intended) – heck, she already has! Onwards and upwards Kim, we still love you! *Hugs*

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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