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This week’s Rate or Slate feature takes us to the BET Awards and the Atelier Versace Couture show.

First up at the BET Awards was singer Monica, who provided us with an interesting burgundy trouser-suit with a plunging front and a reverse peplum jacket.

Singer M.I.A did Donatella proud and attended the Atelier Versace Couture show in Paris in a full-on Versace ensemble teamed with bold red lips and gold bling.

Beyonce wore a very bright Stephane Rolland full-length gown to the BET Awards at the weekend, which she teamed with a full mane of natural, voluminous curls and a smile that lit up the room!

What did the Style Jury make of these looks?

Amy of Wolf Whistle says:

Monica: ‘This cranberry/burgundy combo is in my favourite shades so I’m biased but I think Monica looks gorgeous here. She’s trying but not trying toooooo hard and accessorising with just the most beautiful skin. I’m down with this, even if I couldn’t sit down in it.’

M.I.A: ‘I always think it’s a little bit naff to wear a band tee shirt to that band’s gig but wearing TRIPLE VERSACE to sit front row at Versace Haute Couture is just so incredibly naff that it’s superhypermega cool. Hell yeah, M.I.A.!’

Beyonce: ‘My initial worry for Bouncy was that this outfit was a one-armed, one-legged silk jumpsuit – the HORROR – but I’m fairly sure that it’s a dress. So my worrying moved onto a new worry that her lady areas might be stabbed by that belt when she sits down. Be careful, Bey. Chartreuse is dangerous.’

As the Fashion News Ed, I thought I’d weigh in too…

Monica: ‘I’ve said it before and will say it again, I love it when celebs mix it up and wear something other than a dress on the red carpet so this look gets an instant thumbs up. I love the hair but do think the back peplum is a bit odd, especially at certain angles. But it’s different and I like different. She should have worn a top inside though, she is not Posh Spice circa 1997.’

M.I.A: ‘I love the extravagant luxury look, and for attending a Versace show it’s perfect, but I don’t think it’s appropriate anywhere else as the lavishness is kind of lost. It’s that age old “too much of a good thing” dilemma.’

Beyonce: ‘Love Bey, love the dress, love Stephane Rolland. My only beef with this look is that Beyonce never let the dress hand down so we could see the true silhouette of it which is a shame as Beyonce usually knows how to work a dress better than most people. Still flawless though!’

You say:

“YES!!! @MonicaBrown outfit was on point.. Loved it.. & Bey did work that dress :)” – @SupaMonicaFan via Twitter

“@Beyonce looks fab! Color works great on her & she knows the art of showing skin is 2 maintain a little mystery. Perfecto! @monica’s reverse peplum was fair. Loved the colors & choice of fabric. Not a big fan of M.I.A’s getup. Lines look 2 messy! – @CAdkinsMODEL via Twitter

“Bad! Not loving their outfits! The worst is M.I.A! Their outfits are a mess!” – @MiSZMANDYYOWNSZ via Twitter

“M.I.A. <3” – Asia Lis via Facebook

“These people have stylists??? Good lord!!” – Nikki Tees via Facebook

Verdict: Rate to the power of two (and a half)!

Divided opinions this week – ooh, the controversy! The overall consensus was that Queen Bey once again reigned supreme, even without letting her dress hang freely. Monica’s sartorial risk paid off for most people, although maybe not everyone is ready for a reverse peplum just yet. M.I.A was the definite Marmite for this week, as the Style Jury either loved or hated her Versace overload.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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