We applaud Alber Elbaz for going against the norm and challenging the existing conventions of the fashion world.

For the Lanvin autumn/winter 2012 ad campaigns, Alber Elbaz used “real people”, although no one really knew why he decided to make such a bold move… until now!

“I wanted to see people from different age groups, body shapes and personalities wearing Lanvin,” he said. “That is what Lanvin is all about and represents – we don’t only do clothes for 20-year-old girls. I love to see mature women wearing Lanvin as well. I love wrinkles, I love grey hair.”

We actually love this man! And how did the lucky faces and bodies of the campaign get picked, you ask?

“There was a street casting in New York and the team who did the casting did a fantastic job. They sent me all the photos of the anonymous people who had been pre-cast and the day before the shoot, I met them all.

“It was an unforgettable experience to meet with these beautiful people. It’s all about individuals with individuality.”

Aw!  Who thinks he should come to London for a casting for the spring/summer 2013 ad campaign?

[Coco Perez] 

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