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22-year-old British singer Rita Ora has been in the press a lot these past 24 hours, but we’re not going to focus on all the negative aspects and instead will divert your attention to a more positive subject: her latest Glamour cover.

Yes, Rita is the cover star of Glamour UK’s January 2013 issue, which we think couldn’t have come at a better time – new year, new start and all that jazz!

The RIP singer (let’s hope she isn’t saying that to her career after the allegations over the past few days!) is prone to sporting the odd questionable outfit while she’s out and about – often choosing to dress rather casually and androgynously – but she’s rocking a gorgeous feminine Christian Dior dress for the Glamour cover… and we don’t think she’s ever looked better!

We can’t wait to see what other bold fashion choices Rita will be treating us to in the new year; will she go for an image overhaul? Only time will tell!

Do you like Rita’s girly Glamour cover or are you a fan of her edgier looks? And are you as fascinated by that “the unforgettable advice Beyonce gave me” quote as we are?

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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