Last Updated on 17th December 2012

While a dog is a man’s best friend, we all know that diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend – but that’s not where it ends.

We ladies love anything that razzles and dazzles, and we don’t just mean literally. Yes we love a good diamond or crystal, but accessories in general make us very happy bunnies as they let us chop and change our outfits and overall looks with ease and effortlessness. And it means that we don’t have to break the bank and invest in an entirely new wardrobe if we want to mix things up for one day. We all know that a different pair of shoes can make, break and change an outfit, as can pretty much any other accessory out there.

Accessories are usually chosen to specifically complement a look as well as complete it. They are broadly classified into two – the first of which: the ones that we carry. These include hand fans, canes, parasols, umbrellas, swords (a bit extreme but you can never rule anything out) and of course our old faithfuls, handbags. The second class refers to those accessories that are worn, which means everything from boots and shoes, ties, jackets, hats, cravats, gloves, belts, muffs, jewellery, shawls, sun glasses, stockings, socks, bonnets, scarves and watches. Phew – do let us know if we missed anything out.

Out of all the things we mentioned, the most commonly carried accessory is of course the handbag. Why wouldn’t it be when the likes of Mulberry, Hermes, Coach, Chanel, Miu Miu, Chloe and more fabulous brands make some of the most stunning pieces of arm candy in the world, eh?

Unlike handbags though, footwear is considered more of a necessity as opposed to a compulsion. The shoe is not only a great accessory to make us make a fashion statement, but it’s protection against harsh environment… after all, no one wants to get on the underground barefoot, right? Perish the thought!

Now onto jewellery – the subject that satisfies our inner magpie! Depending on the culture of specific people, jewellery is appreciated as a symbol of a particular social status. There is a piece of jewellery for almost every body part right from hairpins to the toe rings to all else inbetween. It is used for artistic display, to show social status, and even for functional use such as in clasps, pins or buckles.

Hats are also some of the most commonly worn accessories, especially in the extreme weather – be it intense sun or blizzards. Hats are obviously used to cover the head, and are worn for protection and religious or ceremonial reasons, in addition to being yet another accessory. Many years back, they were used to reveal the social status of a person; for example wearing a hat in military institutions denote nationality, rank or branch of service.

So what have we learnt in all this? Accessories are more important than you thought – not only can they make us look and feel wonderful, but they are functional and practical too. Each accessory is important in its own little way, so don’t dismiss or take anything for granted. If anything, make every day an accessory day – buy more, wear more,  the end!

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