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Thankfully, a pair of jeans is always in style. However as the seasons move on and the lookbooks evolve, it’s good to keep up to date with the latest styles, fits and colours to keep your favourite denim friend looking fresh.

Light Denim

Over the last few years light-wash denim has built a bit of a bad reputation, due to the awful pairs that have often been adorned by those with a very misguided sense of fashion. However, over recent seasons light jeans have worked their way back into the style conscious gent’s capsule wardrobe.

Simplicity works best for lighter jeans; look for very slight distressing to the denim and avoid anything with patches, rips or other unnecessary embellishments. In general, slimmer fitting light denim will look best.

As a general rule, darks should be combined with lights. However rules are made to be broken; a beige jumper or a sharp white t-shirt can look great with light denim, especially when the sun starts shining.

Classic Indigo

Thankfully, these are a wardrobe essential that every man should already have. If not, then go for a simple, long-lasting pair; Levi’s are always going to be a good choice. Make sure your staple pair is well tailored; it can be surprisingly cheap to have them adjusted to your shape and definitely worth it if they’re your go-to jeans.

A classic pair of subtly-stylish indigo jeans will help you to pull off bolder colours and patterns up top. Try pairing them with a camo shirt, or an orange long sleeve top. Bright statement coats are also in this season, so you could opt for a subtle outfit that is stimulated by a vibrantly coloured raincoat.

White jeans

Definitely one for the more fashion-daring, white jeans can be a fantastic addition to a summer look when worn with confidence. They can also be surprisingly versatile; they’re neutral white after all, so they can work with anything from plain t-shirts to bold patterns.

Go for a slim fitting pair. Given the British weather and the vulnerability of white jeans to get marked, stained or discoloured, we suggest avoiding expensive branded pairs.

This summer’s key trend is to show your ankles; cuff your jean by turning them up a few inches to show a bit of skin, and invest in some low ankle liner socks so that they are not on show. Also, remember to buy jeans that fit slightly on the snug side, as most well-built denim will stretch up to a full size over the first few times its worn.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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