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It’s no secret that we love a good collaboration, and we get particularly excited when the world of fashion and music join forces for an exciting and revolutionary new project! Enter SWEAR by Music!

SWEAR has asked five of the music scene’s most dynamic bands to collaborate on its new SWEAR by Music initiative, whereby each band was asked to design a very different pair of limited edition shoes inspired by their music and personal styles.

Each band represents one letter of the SWEAR name (clever stuff!) so the complete lineup features Skip and Die, Wolf Gang, Everything Everything, Avec Sans and Rudi Zygadlo. Phew.

We caught up with electronic musician Rudi Zygadlo while he was filming his new music video (proudly modelling his SWEAR shoes, natch) and asked him a few cheeky questions between takes about the collaboration.

How did this amazing collaboration come about?
They were looking for people whose names began with letters from their brand. I was the icing on the cake! So they asked me, and I designed a shoe!

What made you say yes?
Free shoes! I joke, it sounded like an exciting project. There were a couple of shoes I really liked in their line, for example I really liked The Chaplin, so I just edited it.

So talk us through the designing process
Inspirationally, I had seen shoes similar to this in the past which I really liked. The two-toned theme reminded me of the 1920s. These are lacking that ornamentation, but I think they’re more versatile actually. Practically designing them, I went in and we looked at their existing stock and built upon that.

Would you say your music reflects the style of your shoes?
I suppose so, yeah. But I don’t listen to a lot of 1920s music!

What would you wear normally?
I never buy shoes for an occasion, or any other clothes for that matter, I just buy something to wear every day. These were conceivably like ‘occasion shoes’, but I might wear them with a pair of tracksuit bottoms!

Is that what you feel most comfortable in?
I kind of mix it up a bit. I wear tracksuit bottoms quite a bit in the house. I haven’t worn trainers for quite a long time.

What kind of man would you see wearing these shoes?
Any man! It transcends genres of man! I don’t want to say hipster… Chavs, is my core audience.

If you could have a celeb ambassador, who would you target?
Well, I suppose you’d want someone who you might not necessarily associate with that shoe so you’re tapping into another market. Maybe someone who’s not cool?

Your personal style, music and the shoes in 5 words… go!
Whimsical, uncertain, spectral, yet monochrome.

Watch the video below to get a sneak preview of Rudi and co in action.

Rudi’s shoes go on sale from tomorrow at and retail for £150. We’ll also be giving away one pair to a very lucky reader, so keep your eyes peeled to find out more!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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