Last Updated on 12th August 2013

You may have heard the phrases ‘wearable tech’ or ‘wearable gadgets’ whilst browsing the web this year. Although clever wearable accessories have been around for a few years now, these items have seen a bit of revival in 2013 thanks to Google Glass and its alternatives such as Recon Instruments and Epiphany Eyewear. While a lot of this wearable tech may be in its infancy, there are a number of items already on the market for any budget. Here are five to snap up this year.

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt
Keep a look out for one of these beauties on Amazon for an average price of $25. This nifty t-shirt by ThinkGeek actually picks up Wi-Fi strength in the surrounding area and displays the strength through glowing bars on the front of the shirt with the aid of three AAA batteries. A useful tool for staying connected with your loved ones whilst on your travels!

Swiss luxury watch

While a luxury Swiss watch may not seem like the most modern thing to buy this year, these classic watches continue to impress with their timeless craftsmanship which in turn help them to defy global recessions. For a full range of brands and new collections head online to a top site such as Watches of Switzerland to see why these high-end products are still worth the money. Many sites now offer a second hand section for tighter budgets.

Momento Lifelogger
The world’s smallest wearable camera can be pre-ordered online from Swedish startup Momento for $279 – the average price of a basic digital camera. Simply clip the little device to your clothing and start to log your journey through high-res snaps every 30 seconds. With no controls and GPS, this unique camera can then send your snaps from the day to its own organizing app for when you get home. Its two day long battery life also makes the art of digital photography a little more fuss-free whilst out and about.

Misfit Shine

For just under $100 you can pick up an elegant Misfit Shine with clip. The small disks also come in the form of a sports band and necklace. After clipping on the small sensor, it will track how much you exercise in a day whether you go biking, walking or swimming. Once you set yourself a daily goal, small LED lights will appear on the disk to show you close you are to the target.

hi-Call Gloves
These surprisingly cheap tech gloves for $49.99 eliminate phone fumbles during winter and missed calls with your touch screen. Available in either silver of black for men and women, the gloves are actually useful rather than just a fad. The hi-call has built in Bluetooth and has a speaker and microphone sown into the left glove to allow users to talk using their hand. This item is perfect for all manner of sports, from biking and hiking to snowboarding and running with a battery life of up to 20 hours non-stop conversation.

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